The New Jersey Supreme Court decided last week in the case of Renner v. AT&T that a Workers’ Compensation claimant is not entitled to compensation for a cardiovascular injury, disease or death, unless the claimant can show that the cardiovascular injury resulted from a work effort or strain involving a substantial condition or event.  This case has broad ramifications for…
In the recent Workers’ Compensation decision in Neglia v. Craft Carpentry & Drywall, a New Jersey Workers’ Compensation court held that a petitioner was not entitled to medical and temporary benefits where the Court determined that the petitioner purposely or knowingly made false or misleading statements in claiming compensation benefits. 
In the recent case of Hersh v. County of Morris, the New Jersey Supreme Court considered the issues of whether a plaintiff who was injured while crossing a public street as she walked from a private garage, where she had employer-paid parking, to her office a few blocks away was entitled to workers’ compensation benefits under the Workers’ Compensation Act.
The New Jersey State Senate and Assembly passed a law on Monday making it a criminal offense for New Jersey lawyers to solicit accident victims with direct mail within the first 30 days of an accident.  Anyone who has been in any kind of accident in New Jersey that has resulted in the filing of a police report is aware…
Walmart won't pay its employees enough to afford Thanksgiving dinner, so they're holding food drives for their employees. Seriously. It's been reported that an Oklahoma City Walmart set up bins for underpaid associates to donate canned goods to other underpaid associates. Walmart workers have a better idea: Pay us enough to put food on the table.
A federal judge rejected Walmart’s request in a slip-and-fall case to withhold a security-camera recording of the incident until the plaintiff’s deposition.  The incident occurred at the Walmart store in Millville, New Jersey. 

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