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There have been a number of changes to safety recommendations over the years when it comes to children riding in cars, but one key message has remained constant. That constant message has been that the safest place for kids to sit is in the back seat. However, recent investigations and lawsuits have brought to light seat back failure, a major safety…
This is the third blog in our series on lower back pain typically caused by slip and falls, construction accidents, work accidents, car accidents, truck accidents, and other crashes that occur regularly on the highways of New Jersey. In the first blog, we discussed the different types of lower back injuries like herniated discs, bulging discs, and back fractures, and in…
In our last blog, we discussed the various types of lower back injuries that are typically caused by car accidents, slip and falls, construction accidents, and work accidents. We discussed conditions like herniated discs, bulging discs, and pars fractures, all of which cause lower back pain. Diagnostic tests are helpful tools used to determine the specific cause of the lower back…
Here at Mintz & Geftic we usually try to blog about legal news that our clients and other readers might find valuable. Whether it's information about workers' compensation, motor-vehicle accidents, class action litigation or medical malpractice, a majority of our blog posts are typically law-related . However, this is not one of those posts. Since we have been Elizabeth's neighborhood…

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