Initial reports indicate that fatal crashes on New Jersey’s major roadways decreased slightly in 2015 as compared to previous years. The breakdown of who was killed in these motor vehicle accidents, and where they occurred, may surprise some readers.
Some of you may have caught our worker's compensation blog post about the most dangerous jobs in the US.  While the jobs cited in that post certainly qualified as dangerous, there was one that clearly got overlooked.
“Tonight is a tremendous victory for over 25,000 Elizabeth workers who will never again have to choose between their livelihood and their family’s health.”
What jobs are the most deadly?  Which professionals need to think long and hard about their workers' compensation coverage? As the premier workers' compensation lawyers in Elizabeth, New Jerse, we always keep our eyes out for these statistics.
In our recent series of blog posts, we have discussed how corporations are taking away the rights of both their consumers and employees through arbitration clauses.
Today we continue a series of blog posts that center around a critical topic for each and every one of us.  This topic is arbitration clauses and the impact they are having on both consumers and employees. 

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